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RuneScape Prince Ali Rescue Guide

Requirements: 3 Balls of Wool, Pot of Flour, Ashes, Bucket of Water, Redberries, Pink Skirt, Soft Clay, Bronze Bar, 3 Beers, Rope (or RuneScape money15 gp), and a Yellow Dye (or 2 Onions and 5 RuneScape money gp).

Items: Ring of Duelling (8), Amulet of Glory (4), Explorer's Ring (3).

Speak with Hassan in Al Kharid Castle, to start the quest. Two ways you can get there, Walk to Al Kharid or, on a Member's World, teleport there using a Ring of Duelling or an Amulet of Glory. Once you get Al Kharid, go to the Palace and walk south to the large room and talk to Hassan. He will tell you he can and requests that you go and visit Osman to the north of the Palace near the well.

When you don't have water, ask Hassan 'how they survive the heat'. Then he'll give you a Jug of Water. (This will work just as well as a Bucket of Water.).

Talk to Osman. Osman will tell you that Prince Ali has been taken captive by Lady Keli. Osman has a plan for you to help get him out. He will give you a list of items that you will need for the plan.

The plan is you are going to need to tie up Lady Keli and disguise the Prince as her. Head to Draynor Village either by walking, using an Amulet of Glory (4) teleport, or using a Cabbage-Port teleport.

The items you are going to need are a Rope, a Wig, a Skin Color, a Skirt, the Jail Key. You can spend some RS2 money to buy them.  

Now it's time to head to the jail. Talk to Joe, the guard in front of the jail cell, and offer him some beer. You'll eventually end up giving him all 3 Beers. Joe is now drunk. Now to take care of Lady Keli. Simply use the rope on her to tie her up and put her in the cupboard. Quickly enter the cell and speak with the prince and disguise him. (Lady Keli will come back if you wait too long.)

If you accidentally drink one of the beers, you can refill your glass from the barrel in the northern most house of Draynor Village.

Prince Ali will mention his father will pay you well and then leave. You'll tell him to go see Leela. Now, go to Al Kharid and talk to Hassan once again to receive your RuneScape gold reward. 

Congratulations! Quest Complete!


• 700gp RS money
• Free access through the Al Kharid Toll Gate
• 3 Quest Points

RuneScape Halloween Event: Web of Shadows

To celebrate the Halloween End, RuneScape has released a new event Web of Shadows. To start Web of Shadows, enter the dark house portal south of Falador.

A dark house portal has appeared to the south of Falador once again. Tremble as you approach it, for it leads to the house of the Grim Reaper, Death himself.

In this year's Halloween event, Death has a problem with an uninvited guest. Choose to help out and you will journey to a realm rarely trod by creatures with only two feet, and converse with its irritable monarch.

With the house completed and looking suitably spooky, a trip to the Spider Queen will end the matter. There are rewards in it for the more mercenary Hallowe'enites, of course.

Completing the event will reward you with two new wearable items – one of which has a mind of its own. Be brave and seek out the house of Death.

More Details about Web of Shadows.

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Community Event and Thanksgiving

A problem is brewing in Lumbridge this Thanksgiving. Do you hope to help them solve this problem? Maybe this article will give you a hand. Certainly, players are able to earn rs gold as usual when you have solved it. It seems that Phileas, the Lumbridge Sage, has happened upon some rather troubling manuscripts near his home.

He needs your help to solve the mysteries they reveal, so don’t hesitate. The cheap rs gold is waiting for you as you complete his wishes! Solving the clues will prove a tough challenge as you pit your wits against a mysterious clue-setter and his secret network of contacts. If players desire to challenge yourself, you are able to solve it by your solo. Regardless, if you can stay the course and solve the clues over the next four days, you’ll certainly have proven your detective skills. For those with the steely determination and the requisite clue-solving abilities, a new item and emote will be yours for the claiming. Simply head over to the official Cryptic Clue Fest thread for your first clue and an explanation of what to expect, and then keep checking the thread each day of this holiday weekend (Thursday-Sunday) for subsequent clues.

That’s not all this Thanksgiving, though. If player hope to buy rs gold and get free runescape information, our site is your best choice, I believe deeply! For anyone who’s not yet helped him out, the Lumbridge cook’s brother has some turkey-related shenanigans he’d like some help with.

RuneScape PvP Drop Potential Tips and Tricks

RuneScape drop potential or DP is how likely you are to get a good and expensive drop and make some RuneScape money in a PvP world. There are also some tips and tricks:

If you want increase drop potential without risking anything, go to a quest area or somewhere else where the game screen shows no other players than you, a good one is the ice maze in the quest Myths of the White Lands.

Once you get attacked, teleport immediately, the best teleports are POH teleport and a Lumbridge teleport.

A Ring of Life can prove invaluable. Revenants do NOT spawn on PvP worlds.

You should have an escape route ready planned in case you are teleblocked. If not, try to lose them up ladders/stairs or around buildings. If you are using Saradomin Brews and Bronze Weapons, make sure you and your partner re-attack each other once in a while. Jagex have released an update so people that aren't taking damage in PvP worlds can be attacked by other people.

A Dragon Spear or even a Zamorak Spear can save your life with its stun special. If you are standing around in a hot zone, leave auto-retaliate and the special on, once you get attacked, the Shove special will stun them, so you can escape. When you get more than one player appears to attack you, this will not be as effective.

The Bind spell in F2P like any other spell will not work well, but still you can use it. Bind has a chance to not hit the opponent, or 'splash', so the opponent will still be able to move and attack you. The higher your Magic Attack bonus is, the less frequently the spell will splash. The most practical armour that gives a Magic Attack bonus in F2P is Wizard Robes. Wizard Robes provide a very low defense against melee and range, leaving you susceptible to either of those attack styles, the most popular in F2P. It is recommended you don't wear Wizard Robes, but in doing so you sacrifice your ability to Bind successfully. The negatives outweigh the positives of wearing Wizard Robes though.

If you want to play on other servers, PvP worlds on German servers are normally emptier, thus normally safe. The French server also has a PvP world, but it's only F2P. Be sure you either know German or know RuneScape well enough to understand it in a different language.

RS Forums Reshuffle

During the last year or so, it has become apparent that our forums are just too busy and fast-moving for most of our forum-users’ needs. Recently, I have found that some famous game forums are restructuring, such as WoW, STO, and RS. Gamer members all hope the new forums will bring more benefits to them, including RuneScape money and other game information. This can lead to frustrations such as spending a long time creating a thread only for it to disappear off the forums after a couple of days, or threads receiving lots of ‘spam’ or off-topic posts from people who are less invested in a particular discussion.

As a result, we have created communities within the forums based on your in-game levels and membership status. To start with, there are three member communities and one free-to-play communities. Each of these forum communities enables players with similar in-game levels to discuss tactics and general game discussions relevant to their levels. All things will be updated but money in RuneScape is still with the same cheap, safe and fast delivery in our site. In addition to the new communities, there are still shared forums accessible by all players, where you’ll be able to meet with your clan mates, organise events and roleplaying, trade, and ask other players for help. We will be looking to offer more forums to our growing language communities.

We are planning to gradually bring more free-players into the forum community, so that they too can join in and get involved with organising events and contributing to general game discussions and advice. We may also look to create more forum communities in the future. All of these changes should help to improve the pace of the forums, but, most importantly, improve your experience on our forums by creating like-minded communities with similar levels of knowledge and experience. Maybe you’ll even make some new friends in the process!

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