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Runescape Money: Equipped Inventory

Posted:2009-02-25 16:59:00

Equipped inventory interface
For each MMO, the most important aspects in games are the Runescape Gold, armor and weapons. The weaponry and Cheap Runescape Gold you are wielding can often make the difference between winning and losing a battle for RS Gold. You can go to your inventory screen and click on the item and RS Money that you want to wield it. The item and Runescape Money will be removed to your equipped screen once it is worn.

Your character to Buy Runescape Gold has separate slots for each type of weapon or clothing purchased with Cheap Runescape Gold. To view what you have equipped, click the 'human' icon What you are carrying to Buy Runescape Gold on your personal time will be showed on the separate slots of Runescape Gold. You can left click on the item and RS Gold or right-click on the slot you wish to change and select 'Remove' from the list to remove an item and Runescape Money.

Items kept on death interface
This interface of Cheap Runescape Gold is split into two sections. On the right you will see how many items and RS Gold you will keep when you die, as well as the reason why this is the case. If, for RS Money instance, you are 'skulled' (and thus will normally keep no items) this will be mentioned here.

On the left side will be a list of all of the items and Cheap RS Money you are wearing, wielding or carrying in your inventory. Those listed above the line are your most valuable and will not be dropped when you die because of Cheap Runescape Money. These items and RS Money are chosen based on their alchemy value of Runescape Gold (i.e. the number of coins you get for casting an alchemy spell on them), not the market value.

The 'Show Items Kept on Death' button will bring up an interface of Cheap RS Money showing how many items and Runescape Money you will keep when you die under your current circumstances, as well as which ones will be protected.

The 'Show Equipment Stats' button at the bottom of this interface of Runecape Money will bring up a screen showing what you are wearing and all of the bonuses and modifiers to your combat statistics of RS Gold. In the 'Attack' section to Buy RS Money, you are shown what bonuses to Buy Runescape Money are applied to each attack style.

Show equipment stats interface
In the 'Defence' section, the bonus of Runescape Money refers to how effective your equipped armour/weapon of Cheap Runescape Gold is against a particular style of attack. This also displays any other relevant bonuses your equipment and Runescape Gold may give you to Buy RS Money, such as Prayer bonuses. According to the strengths or weakness of an item and Cheap Runescape Money, different combinations of equipment and Cheap RS Money will give you different bonuses up and down to Buy RS Money.

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